Glens Falls, NY, company charts a new path after casting aside broken business model.

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When North Country Snow & Ice Management came into the industry, it hung its hat on multiunit retail and was able to grow fairly quickly with the team shouldering a heavy load. However, CEO Michael Merrill says that over the last several years, the business model it built its success on broke. Rather than repair it, North Country shifted its focus away from what had become low-margin retail to facilities management.

"When I was asked to provide additional services at no cost and found myself getting frustrated, did I really understand my clients' needs and appetite for service? I had to become diligent in protecting my company from those who want to gorge on my company's profit margins by expecting steak service at hamburger prices."

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Snow Services Portion Control

When you are comfortable with the adjustments made in your operations, go on the offensive. Let the market know you are still there and open for business. Use your newfound systems and leanness as the catalyst to dominate your market. And if you happen to devour a couple of idle competitors in the process, leave some scraps for the zombies. 

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Surviving the apocalypse - Zombies, economies and what it means for

snow & ice

PRSM Members Share Strategies on Panel

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The morning session focused on qualities customers look for in their snow and ice contractors. focusing first on worst case scenarios, and then on ideal contractor charecteristics; it ended with a question and answer session between the panelists and the attendees.

There are several aspects that go into formulating a salt management program. This isn't something you can knock out in a few days, but now is a great time to start to ensure that when next winter arrives your company is prepared.

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Worth its Salt

I Loathe the sound of a fax ringing in the office. Like it or not we have entered an age where a career in snow & ice management requires a certain level of tech savvy to be regarded as a professional. 

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Fax is Dead! - New Technology requires a broader business vernacular

North Country Snow and Ice Management, a professional snow and ice management company with offices in Glens Falls, NY, was contacted after the major snow storm that hit Maryland and Washington, DC and asked to lend its professional experience to help dig out paralyzed businesses and residents after record snow fall.

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Maryland adds NCSAIM to Their Snowfighting Arsenal

Wrap up the snow & ice management pre-season and be ready to go on the attack. Last fall an early blizzard caught many snow and ice management companies in the U.S. Northeast and New England unprepared. Still finalizing fall cleanups, snow on Halloween wasn't on their minds. 

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Your 5-Step Game Time Snow Plan

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What are the considerations when selecting a vendor that plays such a crucial role in your comapny's service delivery?

Choosing a Salt Supplier

Late Wednesday, November 7th, North Country Snow & Ice Management sent a crew of snow professionals with heavy equipment, plow trucks, fuel tanks, and other support tools. Early the following morning, the team of SnoFighters from North Country Snow & Ice Management team serviced throughout the New York City metro area. 

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North Country Snow & Ice Management's SnoFighters are called upon to provide safe Passage

North Country Snow and Ice Management also inks a lot of seasonal contracts with local residents. It has been busy for the business so far, despite the lack of snow. The company has accounts with retail stores and distribution centers and will go out to check their parking lots on icy mornings to put down salt or sand.

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Snow Removal Takes A Hit

Towing & Hauling - Stay Safe on the Road with Thorough Inspection Protocols

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Making Spirits Bright

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With hundreds of sites to walk through and dozens of client protocols to follow, postseason site closeouts at North Country Snow & Ice Management typically take until the end of May to complete. Late winters, coordination and the process itself can make postseason site closeouts overwhelming at times. 

Stocking Stuffers and Gifts for your Snow Fighters. 

Everyone has items they can't live without at work or when they leave the house. I've compiled a list of gifts that, while practical, can go a long way toward making the lives of snow & ice professionals a little better while out in the field. 

Our primary market in upstate New York received 8-12 inches of snow as Nemo churned toward the Northeast. We plowed our storm and were in cleanup mode when we got a call from a SIMA member asking if we could send reinforcements. 

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Managing sites far from home

What if you were asked to bid per event?

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Per-event pricing is getting more face time in some areas of the United States. It is bedeviling snow and ice management professionals who seek clarity on an exact definition of what "per event" means in their market, and how to construct a competitive proposal that takes its many nuances into account. 

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Keeping Score

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Know Snow or No Snow!

Remember scanning the baseball box scores in the sports page every morning as a kid? You could re-create the game in your head by simply studying the data. The box score that follows represents a 4 1/2 day period and illustrates the immense amount of resources and capacity required to support an extended snow event. 

You must preplan. In other words, when the snow flies, you need a sufficient number of people and the right amount and mix of equipment to deliver what you promise and when you promise to deliver it. This requires serious preplanning, preferably starting months before the first snow or ice storm arrives.